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From Andrea Chiumenti <>
Subject Re: suggestion request!
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 06:07:29 GMT
Thank you for the prompt reply, but yes, you missed something, I didn't 
probably explained myself in the proper way.
When printing a report I need to know its type (A4, Label, A3, ...) so that 
user can address it to the right printer, and need to know the user id too, 
so that only reports belonging to the requireing user are handled. It seems 
to me that hivelock, that I want to use, only handles the 
authentication/authorization layer.
I hope this can clarify what I missed.


On 9/12/05, Jean-Francois Poilpret <> wrote:
>  Hello Andrea,
>  I don't understand why the principal has to be passed by the client.
> If you use hiveremoting.caucho with hivelock and SecurityFilter (I have 
> done this in hiveboard already) then the only extra info to be passed by the 
> client is the session identifier. This session identifier is stored in a 
> cookie so it is transparent for the service calls. In this case, the 
> authentication happens only once and occurs through normal http 
> athentication scheme (hiveremoting.caucho already supports this).
>  Does this answer your problem, or is there something I have missed?
>  Cheers
>  Jean-Francois
>   ------------------------------
> *From:* Andrea Chiumenti [] 
> *Sent:* Monday, September 12, 2005 12:26 AM
> *To:*
> *Subject:* suggestion request!
>  Hello,
> I wanto to create a web project that has a service named 
> AsynchronousRemotePrinting.
> This service grants to you to directly send reports to your local printer 
> simply clicking on a web-link on your browser, this will be a feature of an
> OS project that will make heavy use of hivemind(and hivetranse) and 
> tapestry.
> The way i can make possible to print on the user local printer from a web 
> browser is relatively simple:
> 1) When the user log into the application for the first time he starts a 
> client application via webstart, and identifies himself.
> 2) Asking for a report to print ( click on a link on the browser), means 
> to save the report by email or webdav.
> 3) The webstart application has a chron job that periodically asks to the 
> server if the user has some report to print
> 4) If yes, then, throught Hessian, the local application downloads the 
> report and prints it to the preferred printer.
> Now my implementation problem is this:
> 1) If I implement the service as an hessian service, I can define clean 
> service methods (no user credentials are requested as parameters) but the 
> service will 
> remain tied to caucho (the service class can be only a caucho servlet, 
> since in methods I have to distinguish between users to transmit the right 
> reports).
> 2) If I don't want my service to be strongly tied to caucho the I have to 
> adopt the hiveremoting.caucho solution, but then I have to transimt 
> somehow the principal
> as method parameter. I also think that principal has to be validated at 
> each service call since it doesn't come from server side,.
> So I don't know what should be a better solution: caucho tiding or 
> Principal passed as parameter ? 
> Currently I've not been able to think to other possible solutions and I'm 
> actually more interested in the caucho heavy tie solution.
> I'd like to have some suggestion or opinion if possible.
> Thanks in advance,
> kiuma

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