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From "Jean-Francois Poilpret" <>
Subject Announcement: HiveMind Utilities 0.4.6 released!
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 12:31:41 GMT
Dear HiveMind users,

I am glad to announce the release of HiveMind Utilities 0.4.6 (for HiveMind
1.0) on SourceForge.

The original news from SourceForge follows (end of this mail).

If you use HiveMind 1.1 beta 3, I should soon release HiveMind Utilities
0.5.0-B3 on SourceForge (I will announce it on this mailing list as well).



Original Announcement: HiveMind Utilities 0.4.6 released!

The HiveMind Utilities project team announces the release of "HiveMind
Utilities 0.4.6", which is mainly bringing enhancements and bugs fixes to
hivetranse, hivelock, hiveremoting and hivegui.

HiveMind Utilities is a set of modules for the HiveMind lightweight
container. It covers many aspects such as:
- transaction management and integration of various persistence layers
(JDBC, iBATIS, Hibernate)
- security management
- remoting of any HiveMind service
- generic event notification handling (intra-JVM)
- Swing-based GUI framework

This version brings the following features or enhancements:
- hivetranse:
	- put all exceptions into separate module "hivetranse.exceptions" to
be shared with rich clients (in addition to servers).
- hivegui:
	- improved dialog management by OpenDialogCommand class to allow
reset of a DialogPanel at each display (allows reuse of the same DialogPanel
	- improved dialog management by GenericDialog class to forbid dialog
close in developer-defined circumstances (such as command execution problem)
- hivelock:
	- fixed SecurityService bug (accounts inactive for a long time did
not get scavenged).
- hiveremoting.caucho:
	- added possibility to add context to Caucho payload (though http
headers) through a RemoteContextHandler.
	- upgraded library to latest hessian-3.0.13.jar (to fix bug with
serialization of exceptions).

For more information on HiveMind Utilities project:

The HiveMind Utilities team

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