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From Vinicius Carvalho <>
Subject Hivemind + AOP : Which approach to take?
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 03:15:20 GMT
Well it's me again (I guess ppl may be getting tired of my questions)

Ok. I probably said this before, but I'm trying to create a pure
hivemind project (no springs attached :D), I have nothing against
Spring, on the opposite, I like it pretty much, I just don't see why
use spring for some pieces that Hivemind + HiveUtils could easily get
pretty well.

Ok, so I get in a real hard decision. Using AOP with spring means, all
my beans must be managed by it, which they aren't anymore :D.

I tried Interceptors ... well I really would like to have a pattern
for my methods, not apply it to all o 'em. I've checked out Jean's
TransactionInterceptorFactory source code, and found that would take a
pretty long way to do the same for my interceptors.

Ok, so we've few choices left:

AspectWerkz: I really like it, non intrusive in one aspect (uses
proxies) but you gotta change your classloader, hum.. my tomcat turned
just 300% slower with the new classloader. Out of question.

JBoss AOP: I'm a Tomcat user, I really get as far away from JBoss and
EJB stuff as I can.

AspectJ: Nice, fast, but too intrusive, and you can't debug your code anymore.

I was wondering if someone who've been using AOP with Hivemind in a
project would care to share it's experiences / opinions ?


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