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From Vinicius Carvalho <>
Subject Help with Interfaces and services
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 00:19:55 GMT
Hello there! I was doing some tests here and found out that even
though hivemind no longer requires a interface I can't cast a service
to it's implementation class. Someone please correct me here.

I have this scenario:

<service-point id="produto" interface="com.cs.model.persistence.BaseEntity">
	<create-instance class="com.cs.model.persistence.Produto" model="threaded"/>

<service-point id="categoria" interface="com.cs.model.persistence.BaseEntity">
	<create-instance class="com.cs.model.persistence.Categoria" model="threaded"/>

Well those are not "real" services, they're only persistent pojos that
I need hivemind to control for me (inject on my DAOs)

Well, So I got this test case ok:

public class ProdutoServiceTest extends HiveMindTestCase {
	private Registry registry;
	protected void setUp() throws Exception {
		registry = buildFrameworkRegistry("/conf/hivemodule.xml");
	public void testInsert() throws Exception{
		IProduto produto = (Produto)


Well I get an ClassCastException at this point. Well I know program to
interface is a good practice, but what about some implementation
specific methods? I'm 100% sure I'm doing something wrong ;) Could
someone give me a help on this?


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