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From Alexandru Popescu <>
Subject Re: Hivemind + AOP : Which approach to take?
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 21:34:48 GMT
#: by Vinicius Carvalho's words the mind was *winged* :#
> In reply for James: 
> Haven't tried yet, promise I'll try over the weekend. And BTW Thanks a
> lot for the post.
> Alexandru:
> "You can do offline weaving so there is no need for special
> classloaders." My mistake, I'm so sorry for that, did not know about
> that feature :D
> I found some annoying problems with Annotations and eclipse plugin as well :(

I have to agree that the plugin is not our powerfull point :-s. I would be interested to hear
problems have you faced with Annotations.

> I think it's my fault the definition of intrusive on the email
> context. As you can see by my name and grammar (English is not my
> native language :P). What I'd like to say is: I prefer proxy based
> once your original code is preserved, you don't need to re-compile it
> to add/remove features from your aspects.

Unfortunately, the proxy based solution is not something I would recommend to anyone. It is
a very 
easy approach (look how many so called aop solutions based on proxies are out-there, compaired
real aop solutions) and you are loosing some of the features (f.e. static typing) which will
influence the performance. But this is quite another story.

> Not justifying my mistakes, just making them clear :P

No problem. For myself it is quite the same: English is not my mother language :-).

take care,
:alex |.::the_mindstorm::.|

> Thanks all
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