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From Massimo Lusetti <>
Subject Trying to use StrategyFactory
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 09:25:02 GMT
I'm trying to use strategy factory to drop down a big list of hivemind
services which in fact does the same thing, they just have to do
something different in small places where custom data should be
treated differently.
For more info see my previous post and discussion with Knut.

Here i would like to refactor my class model to have the possibility
to use HiveMind StrategyFactory within my modules.

I've tried to configure it but i got some wired error. In the log i
got NPE from DefaultErrorHandler saying StrategyFactory.buildRegistry
cause it and tell me the exact line on my module. The line is the
object="..." line within the <strategy> element inside the

In the console (stdout) i got a java.lang.VerifyError tell me that one
method has a bad signature "Wrong return type in function".
Actually the situation is slightly different since the object I've
configured in the <strategy> element is a class which implement the
interface of the service but doing that extending a Common abstract
class which implement the interface and which every "service" extends
to provide custom implementations and using the Commons one when
there's no need to customize it.

So my class in the object attribute of the element is implementing the
service interface not directly but extending a Commons abstract class
which implements the interface.

Does this cause problem to StrategyFactory or I've done something else wrong ?



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