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From Schulte Marcus <>
Subject Hivetranse and long Hibernate-sessions
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 08:16:23 GMT
I use the Hibernate long-session pattern for most of my apps.
To do that, I've implemented an additional service-model that relies on some
persistence service storing services somewhere in between requests
(typically backed by an http session).
Now for the question: would it be easily possible and desirable to integrate
such a feature in hivetranse? After a first glimpse at the code this seems
not too difficult to me. hivelock already has a similar service model called
"user". The main point would be to make HibernateTransactionService
compatible with this service model (adding additional lifecycle-support for
disconnecting/reconnecting sessions.
Also, I'm wondering how deeply the equation (TA = Hib-Session) is built into
hivetranse. After all, long sessions can be committed/flushed without ending


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