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From Stanczak Group <>
Subject Re: What should be a service?
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 09:27:45 GMT
I'm very new to this as well, but shouldn't a service be anything that
has action on your data? What I mean is say you have a user object.
That's your data. Then anything that acts upon that data should be a
service. So login, email, password recovery etc... should all be actions
that act on that data the user object. Then the part that you build is
the logic that routes the users actions to the proper services. In my
mind that's where I draw the line. Each service can use another services
resources, but I wouldn't have one service that controls all the logical
flow of my program. So I guess to summarize, HiveMind is used to
encapsulate actions (aka, services) into manageable modules. Again I'm
sure I'm not completely correct because I'm also new to HiveMind as well.

Glen Stampoultzis wrote:

>Sounds sensible however a service being a component doesn't really tie
>it down for me much.  I guess there is no clear boundary.
>On 6/2/05, belaran <> wrote:
>>The way i see it a "service" should be component...
>> For instance,
>> For a simple web app using hivemind, you could a DAO service to access the database
, a bizness service that's actually those the work and maybe a third service, that'll realize
the XML/XSL transformation. 
>> That's my point of view, but i'm still a beginner, so maybe i'm wrong....
>> Belaran
>>2005/6/2, Glen Stampoultzis <>:
>>> Was just wanting to get some peoples opinions on what sort of things should be
made into hivemind services?
>>> It seems to me that it would be pretty easy to go crazy and make all sorts of
services but I'm thinking that would probably be a bad idea.  Where do you stop?  I'd be interested
in hearing real life services people have created.  
>>> Regards,
>>> Glen Stampoultzis
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Justin Stanczak
Stanczak Group

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke

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