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From belaran <>
Subject parameters-schema and contributions
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 11:40:17 GMT
Hi again !

I've a little question about parameters schema and actual object.

 So there is my xml :
            <service-point id="serviceAService" interface="IAService">
                        <parameters-schema id="object">
                                   <element name="OtherComponent">
                                               <attribute name="arg"
                                   <construct class="AService">
	    <configuration-point schema-id="object" id="conf">
	    <contribution configuration-id="conf">
		  <OtherComponent arg="myArg"'/>

	    <contribution configuration-id="conf">
		  <OtherComponent arg="OtherPossibleArg"'/>

When invoke, how the factory will construct my object "OtherComponent"
that is required by my IAService ? Where is it going to find the
proper value for "arg" ?

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