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From "Jean-Francois Poilpret" <>
Subject Announcement: HiveMind Utilities 0.4.2 is out!
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2005 16:13:52 GMT
Dear HiveMind users,

The new version of the HiveMind Utilities has just been released on
SourceForge (the original announcement is at the end of this mail).

Please note that HiveMind Utilities project is independent (from
organizational and logistical viewpoints) of HiveMind project, in
particular, the hivemind mailing lists are not supposed to be used for
HiveMind Utilities requests or questions (for this, there are dedicated
forums on SourceForge).


	Jean-Francois Poilpret

Original announcement on SourceForge:

	HiveMind Utilities 0.4.2 released!

The HiveMind Utilities project team announces the release of "HiveMind
Utilities 0.4.2".

HiveMind Utilities is a set of modules for the HiveMind lightweight
container. It covers many aspects such as:
- transaction management and integration of various persistence layers
(JDBC, iBATIS, Hibernate)
- security management
- remoting of any HiveMind service
- generic event notification handling (intra-JVM)
- Swing-based GUI framework

Release 0.4.2 fixes a few bugs to previous releases and also brings the new
following features:
- support for multiple DBMS in build system
- added new DataAccessException hierarchy in hivetranse.core module
- added SqlExceptionMapper (class + services) to translate an SQLException
into the correct DataAccessException (only MySQL and PostgreSQL support for
now, additional DBMS support is easy to add). This mapper can be used in
conjunction with hiveutils.AdapaterBuilderFactory to transparently map
SQLExceptions in your DAO services.
- added Hibernate Interceptor support (by configuration) to
hivetranse.hibernate module (this feature is demonstrated in the
hibernate.example module)

For more information on HiveMind Utilities project:

The HiveMind Utilities team

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