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From "Offiah Raymond, Slough" <>
Subject RE: Problems with configuration map
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 12:21:57 GMT
Thanks. .. :-)

I have the wrong Jar file, amongst other things ... :-)

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From: Knut Wannheden [] 
Sent: 25 May 2005 11:53
Subject: Re: Problems with configuration map


The "key-attribute" attribute requires HiveMind 1.1. That being said I
have a few other comments:

 - IDs are case sensitive. In your <set-configuration> element you
should use "Configuration" as the value for the "configuration-id"

 - The contribution elements to your configuration will be simple
String instances. You could use a translator to instruct HiveMind to
create some kind of corresponding Java objects (e.g. Class instances).
As you seem to be using the same configuration for different "kinds"
of configuration data you could use the "object" translator along with
various object providers. As a further possibility the <schema> can
also define multiple top-level <element> elements, all with their own
set of attributes and conversion rules. They will all have to define a
"key-attribute" if you want to use the configuration as a Map.



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