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From Knut Wannheden <>
Subject Re: Few interfaces with a lot of implementation
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 07:32:58 GMT
Hi Massimo,

On 5/17/05, Massimo Lusetti <> wrote:
> I wish to refactor a big project with a small number of interfaces
> (services) and a big number of different implementation of the same
> interface.
> This is my first try with hivemind and all this work has to serve as a
> proof of concept on how i actually understand it and i'm able to take
> advantage from it.

You say you have a small number of interfaces and a large number of
matching implementations. From this it is not quite clear to me if you
will end up with a small or large number of services. For HiveMind it
is no problem to have many services with the same interface. So my
question is: Do you need a service for every implementation or are the
implementations intended as alternative implementations of a single

> So my question is: do you think is better to produce a lot of small
> jar modules, said one per implementation or almost one per
> implementation which expose the same interface with different ids or
> have one big jar module with all in its belly ?
> How can i enforce the security to have different ids on the different
> implementations of the same interface if that are separate jar ?
> Develpoment policy ?

Normally you will define one HiveMind module with every jar file. You
are free to chose how many jar files you want and how many services
you define in every module. Whatever you think is appropriate :-)

Further it is also important to note that a HiveMind module is a
namespace. If you have two modules with the IDs 'a' and 'b' it is
perfectly legal to define a service in each of these with the ID 'x'.
The fully qualified IDs of these services are 'a.x' and 'b.x'.

Hope this helps,


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