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From "Michael Mattox" <>
Subject Re: Interceptor performance
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 06:50:26 GMT
> Some time ago I compared interceptors performance, HM
> is not bad:

Your page was very interesting, thanks.  I was suprised at the performance
results, I didn't expect them to be that bad.  I remember when I was
playing with AspectWerkz 1.x almost a year ago, I remember them claiming
the performance hit was around 10%.  I was thinking 10% I can live with. 
But the other day when I read 50% for JDK proxies I became concerned. 
When I see your performance results, for HiveMind the difference is 22x
slower with the interceptor!  Now what's interesting is that someone else
pointed out that when measured with real code the difference in perf won't
be noticeable.  I'm not so sure about that.  Here's what I'm looking at: 
My client would like the ability to add a cache to services and would like
this cache to be transparent.  So I'm looking at the HiveMind interceptors
to make a cache interceptor that can be applied to any service.  It's a
good idea, but if it slows down the performance 50% then I think we will
have performance problems.   The site is a very high profile site (lots of
activity).  So I'm debating if we should continue with this cache
interceptor approach and then measure the perf and if it's too slow then
we deal with it later (for example make the cache non-transparent), or if
we should just abandon the cache interceptor now.  Normally I prefer to
deal with performance problems when they arise but this one seems very
high risk so I think it merits at least a small prototype, which I'll
probably need to do anyway in order to learn more about HiveMind.


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