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From Chris Conrad <>
Subject Java 5 annotations and Hivemind interceptors
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 03:25:41 GMT

I've discovered what I consider a potential problem with the 
ServiceInterceptorFactory.  Basically, I've been building a declarative 
security system for my application.  To reduce the amount of 
configuration data, I thought I'd use Java 5 annotations to declare the 
security semantics of service methods.  What I discovered, however, is 
there is no way to get at the core service implementation.  Since my 
transaction interceptor uses Java proxies and it's applied before the 
security interceptor, I can no longer access the annotations on the 
implementation class.

So, how should I go about handling this?  I guess I can declare the 
annotations on the service interface, but I can certainly imagine 
situations where the annotation is truly an implementation detail and 
shouldn't be exposed to the callers of the service.  And I'd guess this 
will become more of an issue as people start using annotations more.


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