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From Luke Renn <>
Subject Re: Anemic Domain Model
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 15:46:19 GMT
* James Carman <> [2005-04-21 11:34:31 -0400]:

> implemented using something like Hibernate (see my article
> <> at
> for an example of this), JDO, or just plain JDBC.  

I agree %100, and infact, it was your article that made me start
playing with hivemind again.  I don't know how I
stumbled onto that article, but it was the fact that your sample
seemed to follow this amnemic model that prompted me to ask.  I loved
the way you setup that sample project, and thanks for the wonderful
article.  It had the added bonus of teaching me how to fetch
dependencies without all the baggage of maven.

Ah, I remember what I was looking for.  In your domain directory you
have entity, factory, and repository.  I was wondering where you would
place transfer objects (not persisted, no business logic) in your
directory structure.  For example, if the EmailService took some
hypothetical Message object (and you didn't want to use an inner
class).  Anyway, like I said, the article teaches you more than just
hivemind, thanks for that.

Luke                 | PGP: 0xFBE7D8AF | 2A44 9EB2 F541 C1F2 D969  56E3 8617 5B7F FBE7 D8AF

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