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From Marcus Brito <>
Subject Re: Understanding Hivemind (was: Using Hivemind with cayenne datacontext)
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:47:14 GMT
On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 15:03:42 -0600, Joel Trunick
<> wrote:
> It seems like quintessential cases of wiring in JavaMail or database
> connections (like the previous Cayenne post) should be obvious after
> looking at the documentation or examples, but I have little confidence I
> could do it after perusing the Hivemind site.

Problem is, Hivemind is still very "bare-bones" when compared to
Spring. Right now, hivemind only offers the basic services assembly
and configuration. Things like integration to zillions of thirdy party
frameworks aren't covered (yet), and that's exactly where spring

In other words: you're not alone, and don't feel guilty for not
groking Hivemind. Right now, hivemind is on a slightly better
situation than you would be if you were only using the
"org.springframework.beans" package. Hopefully, integration with
popular frameworks will happen sometime not far from now, and then all
hivemind users will be able to easily harvest this functionality.

That being said... yeah, Hivemind documentation is a bit lacking. I
was actually thinking about writing a book (and not necessarily
publish it) as a way to fully understand hivemind. 24 hours is such a
short day, however...

-- Marcus Brito <>

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