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From Albert Kwong <>
Subject Re: Registry configuration integrity check
Date Sat, 01 Jan 2005 08:43:44 GMT
Hi Jean,

How about a simple JUnit test that calls
RegistryBuilder to construct a registry, and possibly
call some services?  Would that be sufficient for your


 --- Jean-Francois Poilpret <>
> Hello,
> My current experience with HiveMind (about 4 months
> now) has shown me that
> during development time, most errors during
> debugging are due to
> configuration problems.
> We know that by default, at Registry building time,
> HiveMind will just log
> an error when there is a mistake in configuration.
> This is a changeable
> option: we may use the StrictErrorHandler to get
> exceptions right at
> Registry build time.
> However, this still requires us poor developers
> (;-)) to deploy the full
> application and run it to hit problems.
> I wondered if it would be possible to develop an ant
> task that would do the
> full check of the configuration and report _all_
> encountered errors and
> finally fail in case there is at least one.
> In this case this would be much easier to produce
> deployable applications
> that will run smoothly at the first time.
> I also remarked that not all configuration is
> checked at Registry build
> time, HiveMind may report errors due to
> configuration mistakes at the time a
> service implementation is constructed, here again
> this does not ease early
> debugging of configuration problems during
> integration. It would be good if
> the ant task described above could as well force
> early-load of all services
> to check really the _complete_ configuration of the
> application.
> I wondered if someone had already developed
> something similar, or otherwise
> how do you handle this kind of problem: is everybody
> using the "painful" way
> (deploy, test, fix, rebuild, redeploy and so on...)
> like I do? Or are there
> some better ways to ensure that your configuration
> is correct?
> Does the idea of an ant task as I described (or even
> an independent
> application) make sense?
> NB: I am conscious that with more integration tests,
> such errors can be more
> easily found and fixed, but impatient people (like
> me) sometimes prefer to
> immediately give a run to the whole application ;-)
> Cheers,
> 	Jean-Francois
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