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From Alistair Israel <>
Subject Eclipse + Ant + JUnit + Hivemind
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 05:17:57 GMT
Hello, list.

I asked about my 'dilemna' on the JUnit list, but since I figured it's
related to Hivemind I'm cross-posting it here. It's not quite so much
of a problem, but being OC as we are it's a royal annoyance, and I was
hoping the list could help.

Background: I'm using Eclipse 3.0.0, Ant 1.6.2 and JUnit 3.8.1
(Windoze 2K). The code I'm writing and testing uses Hivemind 1.0 to
dynamically create my objects and wire them together.

My Eclipse project is set up just fine. The Ant scripts do their
thing. Running the "compile-all" target from either within Eclipse or
via Ant on the command-line is A-OK.

A have JUnit tests that run fine when run within Eclipse whether
individually or as a suite.

I then created a <junit> task within the project's Ant build scripts
to run the suite. When I ran the Ant "test-XXX" targets _from the
command line_, everything worked as expected.

Here's the rub: When I run the same Ant targets from _within Eclipse_,
I get a bunch of java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exceptions with the
Hivemind stuff getService(...) calls..

What I've noticed is that when I run the test targets in Eclipse, the
System property "java.class.path" is missing a couple of directories,
most notably, my project's ${build} directory.

I'm still trying to figure out what's causing this (remember, the
build itself works either way, and only the tests are failing in
Eclipse) but was wondering if anyone's done this before or has had any
similar experiences and might be able to point me to a few leads?

Thanks in advance!
Alistair A. Israel

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