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From Howard Lewis Ship <>
Subject Re: database supplied configurations
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 14:29:08 GMT
My thoughts are that HiveMind exists to complement the *static* nature
of your application.

When you start talkling about bringing in data from a database, that's dynamic.

It would be nice to bring in data from such locations, and Knut's
recent work would support that. He made it significantly easier to
obtain ModuleDescriptors for other locations; XML files on the
classpath is now merely the default.

Ideally, it would be nice if you could define your database access
code inside HiveMind, but that is not practical; the lifecycle of
HiveMind services and configurations simply doesn't allow for that.

In theory, you could build a "bootstrap" Registry, and have it
construct a second "runtime" Registry.

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 10:21:09 -0400, Stolbikov, Igor
<> wrote:
> Hi everybody. 
> I am trying to evaluate HiveMind to use as foundation for redesign efforts
> of one of our products. 
> One of the major requirements for it is ability to support multiple database
> stored configurations.
> In this respect I have few questions to the HiveMind developers: Did you
> ever consider supplying services that will feed Configurations from external
> sources, like database to extend Configuration Points?
>  What were your design decisions in this case? If no, what do you think will
> be the best way to implement such services? How they can be will plugged
> into HiveMind framework? Shall we just write our own Registry service or you
> can suggest more elegant solutions?  Thank you very much.  Igor  

Howard M. Lewis Ship
Independent J2EE / Open-Source Java Consultant
Creator, Jakarta Tapestry
Creator, Jakarta HiveMind

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