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From "Filip S. Adamsen" <>
Subject Re: A couple of questions
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:00:53 GMT

Filip S. Adamsen wrote:
> Nick Stuart wrote:
>> Hi all. I'm trying to use HiveMind in a web-service and am running
>> into a problem or two
>>  First, is that I'm using the HiveMindFilter, and it is working and
>> building the registry just fine. But, when I undeploy the app
>> something isn't releasing because the hivemind modules still act as
>> though they are in use and arent delete. Using tomcat 5.0.x if that
>> matters, and I can only delete the files if I shutdown tomcat.
> I have the same problem. For now, since I can't figure out what's wrong, 
> I have asked Tomcat (5.0.28) to not unpack my WAR. For some reason, this 
> seems to work. I'm using Windows XP SP2, BTW. What about you?

I just tried undeploying my application on a Linux server, and it worked
just fine. But my Windows one keeps holding a lock on some of my files, 
more specifically all files containing HiveMind code and services.

How could this be? Perhaps some dangling static references somewhere?


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