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From Istvan Orban <>
Subject Re: Multi-threaded question
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2004 16:04:29 GMT

Thanks, it works great,
yep, it's not 100% in the Doc, although I guess there are still more 
important things left to do...

ps: I was playing around with that thing too (as I suspected the same) 
but with no success. :))))

I hope in the version 1.1 there will be a sample application which uses 
most of the tricks you can do with this fantastic framework !!!!!!!!!


>Hi Istvano,
>This is not really clear in the doc but if you want your service to be
>notified of shutdown events, it is not sufficient to have it implement
>RegistryShutdownListener. In addition, in the configuration, you must
>declare it listens for events from the ShutdownCoordinator.
>Try that:
><invoke-factory service-id="hivemind.BuilderFactory">
>	<construct class="....ClientSourceImpl">
>		<event-listener service-id="hivemind.ShutdownCoordinator"/>
>		<set property="configFile" value=""/>
>	</construct>
>This should do the trick (I got stuck with the same problem a few weeks

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