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From "Jean-Francois Poilpret" <>
Subject Overriding services
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 06:45:24 GMT

Yesterday I was stuck with the following problem:
- I have a service-point A that is used internally by some other
service-point B
- service-point A implementation depends on some "heavy" processing (it uses
Hibernate to create a SessionFactory based on a configuration file and some
additional properties)

I had the need to do some "partial integration test" of service B inside
HiveMind, but I did not want to use real Hibernate stuff (this would make
the test too long and uselessly complicated).

Originally, in the module where services A and B are defined, I put the
implementation declaration for A directly in service-point declaration.
But then I could not override A implementation for testing purposes (for
testing I needed to mock service A implementation).

So I started to check how I could "override" service A implementation for my

On Hibernate web site, there is a page on overriding services, this way is
probably a good way to follow for a service-point that is _intended_ to be
overridden by the application, but I found it a bit heavy just for testing

Finally, I could not come out with a _good_ solution to my problem and I
gave up to what I considered the best solution I had on-hand for the job
(best but not really good actually):
- in module descriptor for services A & B, I removed the "invoke-factory"
from service-point A, just keeping the service-point declaration.
- in my tests, I had a descriptor that includes the implementation for
service A (in this case the implementation points to a class that is
directly defined in my test case, and that delegates all method calls to a
Mock object)
- unfortunately (this is where the solution is not really good), in the
final application descriptor module, I (and other application developers
too) _have_ to include the implementation for service A, although it is
supposed to be always the same.

I think that, probably (as suggested in the web page regarding override of
services), it would be interesting to have a HiveMind-defined way to do
that, ie:
- defining a default implementation for a service-point
- having the built-in possibility to override it in another module
In the situation of my test case, it would have the advantage of being
unobtrusive to the end-application developer.

Should this be an enhancement request?
Or have other developers in the list faced the same problem and could come
out with a different solution?


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