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From "Jean-Francois Poilpret" <>
Subject RE: BuilderFactory extension
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 00:30:31 GMT
Hello Istvan,

Although not going as far as you suggested, I already did some stuff with a
custom Factory service that reuses BuilderFactory without having to rewrite
it fully. The example is attached in JIRA HIVEMIND-69.

In that example, all the "magic" was obtained by reusing the Hivemind class
BuilderFactoryLogic that actually _does_ the work (autowire...)
The major problem I encountered at that time (for which I did not find any
good solution) was that in the config description of the factory service I
had to copy/paste all the parameters-schema of BuilderFactory.
What would have been interesting is:
- giving this parameter-schema a schema-id
- having a mechanism in Hivemind that allows to define a new schema that
_extends_ an existing scheme (in my example not only did I reuse the
<construct> tag of BuilderFactory, but I also added new tags for my own


-----Original Message-----
From: Istvan Orban [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 1:08 AM
Subject: BuilderFactory extension


sorry for my ignorance, but I'm intrested if the following thing is a 
good idea or not.

If you have a service (B) which can only be instanciated by an other 
factory service (A). you have to write your own factory class which 
implements the
ServiceImplementationFactory. I have seen some example of doing it.

I think this is a general problem that. the BuilderFactory should not 
instance the class by calling it's contructor but to call an other 
service's method.

would extending the BuilderFactory be a good idea on the following way.

       <invoke-factory service-id="hiveMind:BuilderFactory">           
             <construct class="MyServiceB" 
contructor-service-id="MySerciceA" constructor-method="createServiceB">

with these extra tags one could specify which method of the MyServiceA 
returns an instance of the MyServiceB
so I can use all the power of the Configuration and Autowite provided 
already by the the BuilderFactory etc.

I'm asking this because I have seen examples (providing hivernate 
session and transaction stuff) where they just implemented the
'ServiceImplementationFactory' but then you have to write again all the 
cool function which does the autowite and all other cool stuff for you....

or I can achive the same functionality somehow differently


ps: It's a really great tool. I'm amazed how much time it can save for 


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