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From "Hensley, Richard" <>
Subject An interesting use for hivemind
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 00:53:29 GMT
I'm wondering if there is any way to use hivemind as a container for O/R
objects. In my case, the all have names, a.k.a. object idenfitifers, and
they all have interfaces. Sounds like service points to me. They all need to
be constructed, and have implementations, etc... 

Now here's the rub, at any given time, the objects that exists changes
depending on what is requested by the user.

I would envision something like:

DataObject do = registry.getService(suppliedObjectId, DataObject.class)

This would have the effect of constructing an interface for the DataObject
and returning the instance. Sometime later when a method is called on the
data object, a builder would have to be called that could construct the

This is still very much a pigment of my imagination, but I thought I toss it
out there to see if anybody else is thinking about this.


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