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From Pablo Lalloni <>
Subject RE: Thoughts on how to put Hivemind inside a J2EE Container or Web Container?
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 13:34:53 GMT
We used to go the servlet-filter way but not any more... it's not useful
enough for a multi-artifact J2EE app with various wars, ejbs, sars,

So we currently have an MBean that takes care of the registry lifecycle
by building it, putting it on a static holder and firing a "startup
event" on it so services that need to do something can.

Later when the MBean is stopped/undeployed, it also sends the
appropriate event to the registry (and its contained services).

This way we have the advantage of using the MBean class loader to get
all hivemodule descriptors, with the servlet filter approach you need to
get in the war class loader all descriptors even if the webapp will
never need to have that modules on its classpath.

For the "static holder" we made a class with the same interface as
org.apache.hivemind.Registry but with all the methods being static and
delegating its execution to a static field that contains the real
registry, it also has the needed lifecycle event firing methods to be
invoked from the MBean.

El jue, 02-09-2004 a las 22:51, James Carman escribió:

> There is a servlet filter (
> built into the HiveMind framework that will put a HiveMind registry (the
> "default registry") on each servlet request as it comes in.  Then, your
> servlets can use the HiveMind-managed services by looking them up in the
> registry...
> // Inside your servlet...
> Registry registry = HiveMindFilter.getRegistry( request );
> MyService svc = ( MyService )registry.getService( MyService.class );
> svc.someServiceMethod( someParameter );
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> From: Jian Wu [] 
> Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 9:19 PM
> To:
> Subject: Thoughts on how to put Hivemind inside a J2EE Container or Web
> Container?
> Hi,
> Usually, J2EE/Web Container will instantiate EJB/Servlet Object for you.
> Now, Hivemind will also instantiate these service object.
> To integrate these two together, I can think that Hivemind is invoked
> through ServletContextListener to set up the basic services before
> Servlet get instantiated.
> Any suggestion or best practice?
> Thanks a lot!
> Jian
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