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From Howard Lewis Ship <>
Subject Re: Tapestry and Hivemind
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 19:31:23 GMT
I'm not sure how it would be done in Tapestry 3.1, never mind 3.0.

I think your best bet is to store the IEngine inside HiveMind using an
EngineHolder interface (i.e., getEngine(), setEngine()).  Find a place
(perhaps an IMonitor) that can store the engine ... make the
EngineHolder service threaded.

>From that you can get the current IEngine, and from that, the current Visit.

Alternately, just make the Visit a parameter to the service methods
you will invoke.

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 14:59:25 -0400, Hensley, Richard
<> wrote:
> How would I inject the my tapestry Visit for the current request into a
> hivemind service?
> I would expect that each time a service calls a Visit method, the Visit that
> is for the session that called the service is used.
> I think I should be able to do the following:
> Make a VisitSource service with a getVisit() method.
> Inject the getVisit() property into my service that needs the visit
> The tricky part is implementing the VisitSource service correctly. I need
> some ideas.
> Richard
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