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From "Drew McAuliffe" <>
Subject RE: Spring-like transaction features?
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 22:05:13 GMT
I'd be extremely interested in it. One of the things that interests me
especially about a HiveMind approach to Hibernate configuration is the fact
that separate modules can each have their own set of hibernate mappings, and
these can be aggregated at the highest level by your application. I've found
it difficult to combine hibernate mappings from separate jars into one
session factory configuration without resorting to appserver-specific
contortions. If I'm not mistaken, this HiveMind approach of yours allows
exactly what I'm looking for.
Please let me know if you have more info or need my address.


From: Pablo Lalloni [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2004 12:50 PM
Subject: Re: Spring-like transaction features?

We've written full support for Hibernate and JDBC as HiveMind services, and
I'm currently working on a TransactionInterceptor factory service to use
declarative transaction demarcation a-la EJB. 

To support Hibernate we made an HibernateSessionService who's able to
receive contributions of SessionFactory's configurations and also mappings
(hbm's) for persistent classes. On startup this service builds up all the
SessionFactory's as determined by contributions associating to each the
corresponding persistent classes. After this any dependant component can ask
for a Session corresponding to a given class or query name. Sessions are
associated to threads through ThreadStorageService so the same Session can
be returned for the same thread, they're cleaned up con thread cleanup

Also did something alike for supporting a FastLaneReader through JDBC where
we take a similar approach for Connection management.

In front of this services we have a FinderService and a CRUDService which
can be used for what their names mean despite whether the data is accessed
through JDBC, Hibernate or any future data access backend implemented as a
HiveMind service.

Transactions are handled with the above mentioned interceptor supporting EJB
CMT policies.

If anyone's interested in any of this, I guess I can send out more details
and/or code (if my boss agree with it, of which I'm pretty confident).


El jue, 01-07-2004 a las 16:29, Drew McAuliffe escribió: 

Are there any plans to introduce features into HiveMind like Spring's
abstraction of transactionality of Hibernate or other data access? I like
the way that Spring can make the details of data access and transactionality
configurable but I prefer the way HiveMind deals with the overall service
abstraction, pluggability, interception, etc. Is there any plan to introduce
these higher-order features into HiveMind, or is it still concentrating
mainly on the IoC/container/pluggability side of things? Or does anyone out
there have a HiveMind module that does a similar thing? I'm investigating
moving a combination of homegrown app layers to either one of these two big
guys, and I don't like the idea of mixing them because of the functionality

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