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From "Drew McAuliffe" <>
Subject Spring-like transaction features?
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 19:29:55 GMT
Are there any plans to introduce features into HiveMind like Spring's
abstraction of transactionality of Hibernate or other data access? I like
the way that Spring can make the details of data access and transactionality
configurable but I prefer the way HiveMind deals with the overall service
abstraction, pluggability, interception, etc. Is there any plan to introduce
these higher-order features into HiveMind, or is it still concentrating
mainly on the IoC/container/pluggability side of things? Or does anyone out
there have a HiveMind module that does a similar thing? I'm investigating
moving a combination of homegrown app layers to either one of these two big
guys, and I don't like the idea of mixing them because of the functionality


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