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Subject GoF-Naming: Isn't the AdapterRegistryFactory a StrategyRegistryFactory [Virus checked]
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 08:44:29 GMT
I really like HiveMind and its support of patterns
you get from the PipelineFactory, ChainFactory,
AdapterRegistryFactory and others.

First time i tried the AdapterRegistryFactory i got a
little bit confused with zhe naming. Before that i used
a self-written HiveMind-Service comparable to the
eclipse  AdapterFactory.

public interface AdapterFactory
      public Object getAdapter(Object adaptableObject, Class adapterType);

I exptected the AdapterRegistryFactory to do the same.
But in IMHO the AdapterRegistryFactory behaves like a
StrategyRegistryFactory due to the GoF-Naming.

And one specialized use of the StrategyRegistryFactory
is to create a service with a service interface like

Does anyone except me see the need to rename the thing?

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