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From "David J. M. Karlsen" <>
Subject Re: ApplicationRuntimeException when constructing HiveMind registry in JBoss
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 20:50:53 GMT
Jens X Augustsson wrote:

>I cannot deploy my HiveMind 1.0 WAR application in clean JBoss 4.0.1
>installation. It runs nicely in Tomcat 5.0.x standalone containers, but when
>deploying the same WAR file in JBoss the HiveMind registry cannot be
>constructed. I'm building the registry using the servlet filer. I assume it
>has something to do with Javassist, and have also tried supplying
>javassist-2- 6.jar in the WAR, but it did not help. All my supporting
>libraries are in the WAR file. 
>Has anyone had to do any special tweaking to make it work in JBoss? My
>stacktrace is supplied below.
>Thank you,

Very interesting! I have a user which expiriences problems under JBoss 
too - can't remember which version - but I'll check, and check the 
stacktraces closer. See my posting to the developer list with a subject 
of: "Problems with JBoss Unified Class Loading?" posted yesterday!

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