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From "David J. M. Karlsen" <>
Subject Problems with JBoss Unified Class Loading?
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 20:49:40 GMT

I have a user which have problems using my hivemindbased libraries in a 
JBoss environment. The same library/API works fine in a standalone JVM 
(1.4.2_07 sun) or under IBM WebSphere (Sun 1.3.x JVM).

I have the hivemodule.xml in a file outside the classpath/appserver, and 
load the configuration like this (at classloadtime, in a static block), 
in a singleton class:

private static final Log log = LogFactory.....
private static Registry registry;

static {

RegistryBuilder regBuilder = new RegistryBuilder();
ClassResolver resolver = new DefaultClassResolver();
regBuilder.processModules( resolver );
URLResource urlresource = new URLResource(
System.getProperty("myapp.hivemind.configfile","file:/mypath/properties/hivemodule.xml"));"Config-URL for HiveMind: " + urlresource.toString());
regBuilder.processModule( resolver, urlresource );
registry = regBuilder.constructRegistry(Locale.getDefault());"Registry bootstrapped");

and later she obtains the services through a method on the same singleton, something like

public Object getService(Class clazz){
	return registry.getService(clazz);

I have a EagerLoad contribution in the config-file, and the debug complains over my configfile
contributing to an unknown hivemind.EagerLoad service. The log does not say anything about
parsing the HiveMind internal hivemodule.xml configurationfiles.

This leads me to a conclusion that the hivemodule.xml inside hivemind-1.0.jar and hivemind-lib.jar
does not get loaded in a JBoss Unified Class Loading environment (JBoss does some "nifty"

Is this a known problem - and if so, will it disappear with the 1.1 release?

Any clues will be greatly appreaciated.

Kind regards,

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