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From Knut Wannheden <>
Subject Re: Provide runtime symbol source
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 16:24:12 GMT

I'm not quite sure I understand your problem, but can't you simply
implement your own SymbolSource as a HiveMind service and have that
contribute the symbols you want?


On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 13:31:56 +0100, Achim Huegen <> wrote:
> I have some problems while trying to provide the init-params of the
> HivemindFilter servlet as symbols to the hivemind registry.
> I don't want to use SystemPropertiesSymbolSource.
> My plan was to add a custom implementation of ModuleDescriptorProvider
> and add an instance to RegistryBuilder via addModuleDescriptorProvider.
> That provider should return a custom implementation of ModuleDescriptor,
> which finally returns a contribution to ApplicationDefaults in
> getContributions.
> Then I learned that all the descriptor classes (ContributionDescriptor,
> ImplementationDescriptor) are quite xml centric. I (naively) hoped to be
> able to use instances of FactoryDefault or SymbolSourceContribution
> directly. But the descriptors work with hierarchic elements and
> attributes, the data is in a rather "raw" and untyped format.
> So, is there a way to provide already constructed
> instances/services/contributions to the RegistryBuilder?
> Is there another way to solve this problem without ModuleDescriptors?
> Thanks
> Achim Huegen
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