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From Ronald Simmons <>
Subject Hivemind and Jini
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 10:28:01 GMT
Ok, so I'm new here, forgive me if this sounds like a troll.  It is not 
intended to be one.

I've read the documentation and am still left wondering what the 
intended design differences are between Hivemind and Jini. The 
important ones I have been able to discern so far are:

1 - No hot loading of code in Hivemind
2 - No defined tuplespace engine in Hivemind
3 - Non-XML config files in Jini
4 - No multi-cast discovery mechanisms for the registry in Hivemind
5 - No (or poor) integration with J2EE in Jini
6 - Apache licensing (Hivemind) vs SCSL licensing (Jini)

I guess a place where the documentation leaves me a bit confused as 
well is with regards to remote invocation of services.  Is it the case 
that I could write an RMI or WS interceptor for a Hivemind service and 
vend that in a Jini LUS or a WS Registry?  If I'm right there, then I 
think I see how I'd use Jini, J2EE and Hivemind together.  Otherwise, 
I'm extremely confused.



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