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Subject [Jakarta HiveMind Wiki] Updated: CentralizedErrorReportingProposal
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 15:38:06 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-24T08:38:06
   Editor: HowardLewisShip <>
   Wiki: Jakarta HiveMind Wiki
   Page: CentralizedErrorReportingProposal

   no comment

Change Log:

@@ -21,15 +21,10 @@
 public interface ErrorHandler
-  public void parseError(Log log, String message, Location location, Throwable cause);
   public void error(Log log, String message, Location location, Throwable cause);
-I think it is important to separate errors that are directly related to module descriptor
parse problems from runtime errors.  So an unexpected element in a descriptor might be a {{{parseError()}}}
but an invalid class name would be an {{{error()}}}.
-  * Do we need more methods?
 The default behavior would be to use the {{{Log}}} instance to log the error, as:
@@ -49,6 +44,8 @@
 The Module and !RegistryInternal interfaces will be extended to provide access to the !ErrorHandler.
 Possibly, they will implement the !ErrorHandler interface and delegate out to a user-provided
+The BuilderFactory can now set a property, by default {{{errorHandler}}}, to the Module's
!ErrorHandler instance (which, in fact, will be the global !ErrorHandler).
 == Providing the ErrorHandler ==
 The !ErrorHandler will be provided to !RegistryBuilder, which will use it when parsing module
descriptors and provide it to the Registry as it is constructed.
@@ -60,3 +57,7 @@
 = Discussion =
+This is currently implemented in CVS and should debut formally whenever we release 1.0-beta-1.
 There's probably a few error messages that still
+explicitly include the location (and should be changed to let the !ErrorHandler report the
+The !DefaultErrorHandler is leniant.  We should probably provide an implementation of a strict

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