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Subject [Jakarta HiveMind Wiki] Updated: FrequentlyAskedQuestions
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 14:00:39 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-24T07:00:39
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Jakarta HiveMind Wiki
   Page: FrequentlyAskedQuestions

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Change Log:

@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@
-'''Question:''' ''''InjectingNonServiceFactoryObtainedObjects'''' (DanielFeist 21/06/2004)
+'''Question:''' '''InjectingNonServiceFactoryObtainedObjects''' (DanielFeist 21/06/2004)
 Is there anyway to inject a service, using the BuilderFactory, with an object obtained by
invoking a method of another service thus allowing non-service objects to be obtained from
a POJOF (plain old java object factory) for injection?
+'''Question:''' '''["UsingJNDIToObtainHiveMindServices"]''' (DanielFeist 24/06/2004)  
+I have been experimenting with the use of JNDI as a facade to !HiveMind by implementing a
simple JNDI SPI.  The ''lookup'' method of a JNDI ''Context'' takes just a ''Name'', yet to
obtain a !HiveMind service i need to be able to specifiy the interface expected.  What i have
found is that i can, in place of the interface expected put {{{Object.class}}} and everything
works ok.  ''Object'' is not an interface so i'm not quite sure why this works.  Is this intentional?
 Will !HiveMind continue to support this?

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