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Subject [Jakarta HiveMind Wiki] Updated: FrequentlyAskedQuestions
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 18:01:44 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-21T11:01:44
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Jakarta HiveMind Wiki
   Page: FrequentlyAskedQuestions

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Change Log:

@@ -19,3 +19,21 @@
 HowardLewisShip: Seems that !BuilderFactory could do this, by changing the nested {{{set-service}}}
element to have an additional attribute,
 {{{read-property}}} that would be a property of the service to read as the value to assign
to the service implementation under construction.  Perhaps {{{set-service}}} should be left
alone, and there should be a {{{read-service-property}}} element added instead.
+What we are actually want to set here (in order to accomplish what is explained in the examples
above) is not as you mentioned the property of another service (i.e. allowing the copying
properties between servcies) BUT rather the value obtained from invoking a method of another
service.  Something like the following would be needed as a nested BuilderFactory element
in order to set a property of the service in construction with an object (in this case a datasource)
obtained from another factory/lookup service:
+set-service-method-return-value (property=datasource service-id=hivemind.lib.NameLookup method=lookup){
+  argument{
+    java:/jdbc/myDS
+  }
+  argument (translator=class)
+    javax.sql.DataSource
+  }
+Obviosly the name i have put 'set-service-method-return-value' is rather long and would need
to be improved.  I've put that name in the example so it is clear what in fact the functionality

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