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Subject [Jakarta HiveMind Wiki] Updated: NotXMLProposal
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 16:18:30 GMT
   Date: 2004-04-27T09:18:30
   Editor: HowardLewisShip <>
   Wiki: Jakarta HiveMind Wiki
   Page: NotXMLProposal

   no comment

Change Log:

@@ -171,3 +171,6 @@
 The {{{<< . . . >>}}} syntax is something I'm looking to add into my SDL prototype.
I like the idea of scripting, but I like line precise error reporting much, much more. I also
think scripting introduces further problems if and when there is tool support (the tool has
to parse the script, which is not nearly so regular as the SDL or XML).
 HarishKrishnaswamy: Why do you think line precise error reporting has to be sacrificed with
a scripting language? why something like the script above would n't work? With a scripting
language the parser is already built, the tool will simply have to work with the AST (much
simpler than working with the raw grammer). Yes, I could use a BeanShellServiceFactory, but
I am still not seeing the benefit of SDL.
+HowardLewisShip: I must be, from ignorance, misunderstanding the {{{ while (!parser.Line()
{ node = parser.popNode() ... }}} stuff. I was looking at that as "read a line, execute a
line", but that's obviously not what it is doing. I'd be interested in seeing a real, formatted
example, and more detailed notes about how line-precise error reporting is maintained. I'm
not completely stubborn, but if you want to change my mind (especially considering who ends
up doing the most work) you have to work ''really hard'' ... but when this has happened in
the past, I
+will fully embrace the final solution (witness: implicit components, etc., in Tapestry 3.0
--- which started with a flame by Marc Fluery).

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