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From mhd wrk <>
Subject Configuring hive server to proxy the connecting user at the Hadoop level
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2018 08:57:54 GMT
In my kerberosied environment the only way I can get the hive server to
proxy a non Hadoop-level superuser at HDFS level is to use Trusted
Delegation as explained here
According to the snippet below seems that there's a way to configure the
server to proxy non superusers as well.Has anyone done this before? Do you
know where I can find more information?

HiveServer2 determines the identity of the connecting user from the
> underlying authentication subsystem (Kerberos or LDAP). Any new session
> started for this connection runs on behalf of this connecting user. If the
> server is configured to proxy the user at the Hadoop level, then all
> MapReduce jobs and HDFS accesses will be performed with the identity of the
> connecting user.


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