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From Jesus Camacho Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP timezone in hive 3.1
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:02:37 GMT
Hi Andrey,

Thanks for reporting this. This is a bug introduced by the JIRA you reference, since CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
should not use UTC for every case. I have created
to fix the issue and discuss about the desired behavior.


From: Andrey Zinovyev <>
Reply-To: "" <>
Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 11:57 AM
To: "" <>
Subject: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP timezone in hive 3.1

We're upgrading from hive 1.2 to 3.1 and it seems like new hive returns CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
in UTC timezone. But before it was in local (system's default) timezone.

According to HIVE-5472 current_timestamp should use user's local timezone. This behaviour
was changed in HIVE-12192  (if I got it right). GenericUDFCurrentTimestamp now explicitly
uses UTC as timezone to initialise org.apache.hadoop.hive.common.type.Timestamp

Is it some intentional change or some misconfiguration from on our side?

For example
Old hive:
hive> select current_timestamp;
2018-12-12 22:43:39.024

New hive:
> select current_timestamp;
|           _c0            |
| 2018-12-12 19:43:57.024  |
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