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From Sharanya Santhanam <>
Subject For Apache Hive HS2 , what is the largest heap size setting that works well?
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2017 20:57:53 GMT
Hello ,

I am currently trying to upgrade hive version on our prod clusters form
V1.2 to v2.1
We also want to adopt HS2 on the new upgraded cluster. Earlier all queries
were submitted via Hive cli.

Would like to understand how large a single HS2 Heap size can be ? And is
there any formula to figure out the how many concurrent sessions I can
support with this particular heap setting?

We currently have a upper limit of supporting 300 concurrent sessions (
hive.server2.thrift.max.worker.threads=300). Based on this we set the max
heap size to 70 GB , but seeing many long GC pauses.

Would like to understand what is the industry standard for max HS2 Heap
size. Are there any recommendations on what JMV GC setting work best for
supporting  such high number of concurrent sessions?


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