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From Vlad Gudikov <>
Subject Log4j PID Daily Rolling File Appender Question
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2017 12:10:57 GMT
Hi community,

As for pid coneverter
has been added. But the question is that we can add %pid to
appender.DRFA.filePattern (it works and creates logs like
hive.log.2017-05-31.21847@beta1) but can't add %pid to
appender.DRFA.fileName (it looks like  hive.log.%pid).  The problem is
that pid can be appended when the log is rotated but can't be appended
to the file which is initially created. It means multiple hive
processes by a user write logs into the same log file, and it will be
corrupted when each process rotates it. Am I right?  I think this is a
bug but before fixing it I'd like to make sure I don't miss something.
Could you please confirm or deny this assumption.

Best regards,


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