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From Nirav Patel <>
Subject Wildcard and Automatic partitioning
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 18:00:35 GMT
Hi, is there a way in hive when I create an external table I can specify
wild card in LOCATION and have hive automatically identify partitions.

I have opened HIVE-17236 <> for
wildcard support. same time I also have issue of specifying partitions.  I
can use tedious ALTER TABLE to add partition directory. But since data
already exist in separate partition why can't hive identify it ?

Here's such example of a directory:

I can have n number of customer and for each m number of partition for
departments object.

I think if I use following sql to create external table then it should be
able to identify all the partitions.

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE testTable (val map<string, string>)
PARTITIONED BY (period string)
LOCATION '/user/mycomp/customers/*/departments/partition/*';

If my partition directory (lets say p-12345) have multiple files insides it
that doesn't start with "part-" prefix then I should be able to specify
that prefix so hive can find the right filesets.



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