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From Furcy Pin <>
Subject Introducing a new open source project: flamy
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2017 15:29:03 GMT
Dear Hive users,

it is my pleasure to announce that my company Flaminem just open-sourced
a productivity tool for Hive developers: Flamy.

In short, Flamy is a tool to help organising, validating and running SQL
queries and manage their dependencies.
By analyzing queries, Flamy can find dependencies between tables, draw the
dependency graph, and run the queries in the right order.
It is also a great tool to quickly validate your hive queries without
having to actually run them.
It is currently compatible with Hive and Spark-SQL, and is especially
helpful when using Hive on Amazon's EMR.

This tool has been developped and used internally since 2014 by our
giving us a huge boost in productivity for designing, deploying, running
and maintaining Hive workflows.
We would like to give back to the open source community by open sourcing
this project
and encouraging Hive users to try it.

In the repo's wiki you will find everything required to install and use
flamy, along with a tutorial:

Feedback of any type would be most welcome: comments, suggestions,
And if you like it, be sure to star the repository and to spread the word!


Furcy Pin
CTO @ Flaminem

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