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From Kuldeep Chitrakar <>
Subject Hive : Storing data in external RCFile/SEQUENCE FILE table
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2017 13:36:53 GMT
I have two questions regarding loading tables which are defined as RCFile, Sequencfile  etc.


1.       Suppose a table is defined as STORED AS RCFILE or SEQUENCEFILE, how do we load this
table. If source data file is in CSV format, do we have to load that file in some temp table
and then load the target RCFile table from this temp table using INSERT OVERWRITE.... If this
is true then does it mean we can only have managed table which could be defined as RCFile,SEQUENCEFile
as we can not load external table using INSERT statement.

2.       How can we store the data in external table which is defined as RCFile. Do we have
to convert the source data file in RCFile format first using some tool.

Q2. When we use DESCRIBE FORMATTED <TableName> it shows COMPRESSED = NO. What does this
mean, Even for compressed data in a table it shows NO.


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