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From Revin Chalil <>
Subject Hive Metatool - update master node for specific hive tables
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2017 19:21:17 GMT
Does anybody know a way to use Hive Metatool to update master node location for specific hive
tables ? The below works but updates all the tables in the metastore with the <old master

hive --service metatool -updateLocation hdfs:// hdfs://ip-xx-yy-zz-.pqr:8020/

is there a way to update master ip only for a subset of tables that has the <old master
ip>, something like below?

hive --service metatool -updateLocation hdfs://  hdfs://ip-xx-yy-zz-.pqr:8020/stg/table1/

Thanks in advance!

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