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From ?? ? <>
Subject hive on spark job not start enough executors
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2016 08:30:06 GMT
Hi there,

I encountered a problem that makes hive on spark with a very low performance.

I'm using spark 1.6.2 and hive 2.1.0, I specified

    spark.shuffle.service.enabled    true
    spark.dynamicAllocation.enabled  true

in my spark-default.conf file (the file is in both spark and hive conf folder) to make spark
job to get executors dynamically.
The configuration works correctly when I run spark jobs, but when I use hive on spark, it
only started a few executors although there are more enough cores and memories to start more
For example, for the same SQL query, if I run on sparkSQL, it can start more than 20 executors,
but with hive on spark, only 3.

How can I improve the performance on hive on spark? Any suggestions please.

Minghao Feng

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