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From Maria <>
Subject IP address always got "unknown-ip-addr" in hive audit log
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2016 02:56:01 GMT

Hi, all:
   I want to config audit log for hive 1.2.1. 
   I use kerberos for hive authentication, and did not start up the hive metastore service.
   Just under such a background,I opened hive autid-log function. But the log contents like
" - ugi=ocp ip=unknown-ip-addr cmd=get_table : db=default

My $HIVE_HOME is on the same machine with hive metastore(MySQL)。I don't know why the
IP addr is "unknown-ip-addr". I looked into hive source code,and found some useful info:
// This will return null if the metastore is not being accessed from a metastore Thrift server,
    // or if the TTransport being used to connect is not an instance of TSocket, or if kereberos
    // is used
    public static String getThreadLocalIpAddress() {
      return threadLocalIpAddress.get();

Does this means if I used kerberos and didn't startup metastore service by "hive --service
metastore", the ip-addr will always be "unknown-ip-addr"? 
and by the way, the cmd is just like this "cmd=get_table:db=default pat=*" or "cmd=get_functions:db=default
pat=*",etc? the audit log cannot record full specific sql? 

Thanks in advance for any reply.


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