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From Gopal Vijayaraghavan <>
Subject Re: Hash table in map join - Hive
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2016 16:10:59 GMT
> 1. Is there a way to check the size of the hash table created during map
>side join in Hive/Tez?

Only from the log files.

However, you enable hive.tez.exec.print.summary=true; then the hive CLI
will print out the total # of items shuffle from the broadcast edges
feeding the hashtable.

Not sure if you might have the reduce-side map-join in your builds, but
that is a bit harder to look into.

> 2. Is the hash table (small table's), created for the entire table or
>only for the selected and join key columns?

Yup. Project, filter and group-by (in case of semi-joins).

select a from tab1 where a IN (select b from tab2 ...);

will inject a "select distinct b" into the plan.

> 3. The hash table (created in map side join) spills to disk, if it does
>not fit in memory Is there a parameter in hive/tez to specify the
>percentage of the hash file which can spill?

Not directly.


by default. So 1/16th of your key space will spill, whenever it hits the
spilling conditions - for the small table.

In general, the Snowflake-model dimension tables are joined by their
primary key, so the key-space corresponds to the row-distribution too.

For the big table it will spill only a smaller fraction since the
BloomFilter built during hashtable generation is not spilled, so anything
which misses the bloom filter will not spill to disk during the join.

All that said, the spilling hash-join is much slower than the shuffling
hash-join (new in 2.0), because the grace hash-join drops parts of the
hash out of memory after each iteration & has to rebuild it for each split

In terms of total CPU, building a 4 million row hash table in 600 tasks is
slower than building a 7500 row hashtable x 600 times - the hashtable
lookup goes up by LG(N) too.

Ask me more questions, if you need more info.


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