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From "Markovitz, Dudu" <>
Subject RE: alter partitions on hive external table
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2016 15:07:22 GMT
Hi Raj

1.       I don’t understand the reason for this change, can you please elaborate?

2.       External table is just an interface. Instructions for how to read existing data.

Partitions of external table are just a logical connections between certain values and a specific

You can connect any set of values to any directory no matter what the directories structure
is and then query the external table filtering on this values and by that eliminating the
query only to the directories you are interested in.

3.       By all means, don’t duplicate data without a good reason (unless you don’t care
about wasting storage, time, CPU etc.)

It seems to me that all you need to do is to retrieve a list of the directories and generate
“alter table … add partition…” statements based on that.


From: raj hive []
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2016 6:02 AM
Subject: alter partitions on hive external table

Hi friends,
I have created partitions on hive external tables. partitions on datetime/userid/customerId.
now i have to change the order of the partitions for the existing data for all the dates.
order of the partition is custerid/userid/datetime.
Anyone can help me, how to alter the partitions for the existing table. Need a help to write
a script to change the partions on existing data. almost 3 months data is there to modify
as per new partition so changing each date is difficult. Any expert can help me.
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