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From Deepak Khandelwal <>
Subject Hive query to split one row into many rows such that Row 1 will have col 1 Name, col 1 Value and Row 2 will have col 2 Name and col 2 value
Date Sat, 23 Apr 2016 06:04:04 GMT
Hi All,

I am new to Hive and I am trying to create a query for below aituation.
Would appreciate if someone could guide on same. Thans a lot in advance.

I have two TABLES shown below

**USER_ID**  |  **USER_NAME**  |   **USER_ADDRESS**
1          USER1           ADDRESS111
2          USER2             ADDRESS222

**USER_ID**  |  **PARAM_NAME**  |   **PARAM_VALUE**
1           USER_NAME        USER1
1           USER_ADDRESS  ADDRESS111
2           USER_NAME        USER2
2            USER_ADDRESS  ADDRESS222

I need to insert data in table2(USER_PARAMETERS) FROM table1(USER_DETAILS)
in the format shown above. I can do this using UNION ALL but I want to
avoid it as there are like 10 such columns that i need to split like above.

Can someone suggest a efficient hive query so that i can achieve the
results shown in table 2 from data in table 1 (Hive query to split one row
of data into multiple rows like such that Row 1 will have column1 Name,
column1 Value and Row 2 will have column 2 Name and column 2 value...).

Thanks a lot

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